Aid Climbing

If you are looking to progress to big wall climbing, need to dial in your big wall systems before your next trip or you already have them dialed and your looking to get in some aid leading laps for your next solo run up El Capitan, you can do all that here at the North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center.

The multi-pitch C2 aid route at the North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center.

There are two main ways to utilize the aid route for training, one is if you are at the point in your big wall training were you and or your partner are working on the big wall systems like racking gear, jugging efficiently, rope management, following and cleaning, passing the piece, hauling systems or porteledge setup.  The other way to utilize the aid route is if you are training on actual leading on aid.

Big Wall Systems:  The aid route consists of two pitches of aid climbing, if you are working on big wall systems then you can do that by utilizing the first pitch only or both pitches.  Leader racks up, leads the first pitch, fixes the followers rope, builds haul anchor, follower releases the bag, leader starts hauling, follower starts cleaning, follower arrives at anchor and then belay transition and continue up the second pitch or rappel and repeat.

Leading on Aid:  If you have your systems dialed in and just need some laps on the sharp end to build endurance then you can lead the route and climb through the belay the 120 feet to the top which is a typical big wall pitch and your follower can follow the 120 feet as well.
2016-11-29_13-38-011Full Dress Rehearsal: Putting it all together. The route consists of two pitches of aid climbing allowing you to dial in everything from racking up to bailing off the route. Dress rehearsal means running the complete cycle of racking up, climbing the first pitch, hauling and cleaning, belay transition then continuing the second pitch to the top.

The aid route is available for experienced aid climbers and was put in to give us wall climbers a place to train. If you would like to utilize the aid route please contact us at 972-446-0105