If you are an experienced climber and know how to tie in with a figure eight tie in and belay with a tube style device then you will demonstrate that to one of our instructors and we will check you off.
The basics orientation course for rock climbing takes about 25-30 min.  No reservation is required.
We believe indoor rock climbing is a two person sport, so we do not have auto belays.  What we do have have is an inclusive community of members and guests that we could pair you up with for the day if you wish to climb.  We can also provide you with a staff person to belay for an extra charge.
Our outdoor climbing trips are a great way to spend the day climbing on real rock.  Our outdoor rock climbing trips are designed for beginners so no experience is needed, just your sense of adventure.
Group rates are available, if you would like to schedule a group event please contact us by email at adventures@friscowilderness.com
No reservation is needed to visit our facility or take our Basics Course.
While there is no age limitation to climb the minimum age to belay is 14 years old and all guests must have a complete liability waiver on file.  You must be 18 years old to complete a waiver.  Those under 18 years old must have a liability waiver signed by a parent / guardian.
Our facility is unique and is housed inside the Historic Grain Silos of Downtown Carrollton and as such the temperature inside will be just like outside so athletic attire for the weather is recommended.
Yes, most of our guests are first time climbers and on your first visit our professional climbing instructors will take you through our NTOPC Basics Course to teach you the basics of rock climbing in our training room.  We will teach you to "tie in" to the rope and belay with an tube style belay device.