Historic Grain Silos of Carrollton

Indoor rock climbing at the Historic Grain Silos of Carrollton starts with all of our guests and members learning how to “tie-in” to the rope with a figure eight follow through and to belay with a basic tube style belay device by taking the NTOPC Basics Course, in the basics course one of our rock climbing instructors will work with you in our training room to teach you how to properly tie in and to belay other climbers.  After a few practice routes in our training room and the instructor is confident and you are confident you will be allowed to climb throughout the facility.

Inside Climbing Gym

Rock climbing at first glance looks as though it requires alot of brute upper body strength and alot of pulling up, when in reality rock climbing is about delicate and fluid movements, balance, proper and precise foot placements while pushing with the legs and core body strength.  Ask one of our climbing instructors for some pointers in basic climbing technique.


When your climbing inside the silos each climbing route has a tag located at the bottom, this tag has the rating or difficulty of the climb on it.  We use the Yosemite Decimal System to rate the climbs inside the silos and there are a variety of difficulties in each silo and our instructors will give you a quick lesson on the YDS system in the Basics Course.