Rates & Memberships


Day Pass $15.00

Basics Course $8.00 – All first time guests that do not know how to tie in or belay with a tube style device. The Last Belay Course Taught at 8PM Mon-Sat 5PM Sun

Rock Climbing Shoes $3.00 – Highly recommended

Should I rent the Climbing Shoes? 

As rock climbers we will always recommend climbing shoes versus any shoe you may walk in with, here’s why:


Athletic shoes are very soft on the sides which will allow the shoe to fold when stepping on climbing holds and is the fact that athletic shoes have a grooved pattern on thew bottom which is great on the field or pavement but does not allow for allot of surface contact on climbing holds.


Rock climbing shoes on the other hand fit allot tighter than athletic shoes allowing for greater stability when balancing on climbing holds.  They are also allot stiffer on the sides which prevents the foot from sliding off the holds combined with the full specialized climbing rubber sole provide the greatest surface contact possible between your foot and the hold.


Lead Climbing Gear – $7.00


Annual Single $325.00 – Includes local outdoor climbing trips

Annual W/Buddy $500.00 – Includes local outdoor climbing trips

Month Pass $50.00