Semester on the Rocks Program

Semester on the Rocks graduate leading High Anxiety, Wichita Mountain WIldlife Refuge

The North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Centers Semester on the Rocks is our mentoring program for aspiring traditional rock climbers that want to learn to climb in the traditional style.  Traditional climbing opens up a wealth of climbing in diverse locations across the globe and is the foundation for those wishing to pursue multi-pitch, alpine and bigwall objectives.  The Semester on the Rocks program is designed to immerse the participant in the sport of rock climbing as well as the climbing lifestyle.

Christopher Gibson prepping for a Semester on the Rocks session in the Wichita Mountains.

The Semester on the Rocks program starts in the Fall and Spring climbing seasons and runs like a mentor/protege relationship.  Students will learn to climb outdoors in the traditional style by taking a series of courses, a series of climbing trips and a series of one on one sessions with Christopher Gibson. Outdoor rock climbing is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

If you would like to be part of the Semester on the Rocks Program please complete the application.