Outdoor Education Programs

20150710_142619The North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center’s Outdoor Education Program is designed to allow your organization the option to offer a host of outdoor adventure activities 


To get youth off the couch, unplugged and outdoors.



Is to provide outdoor education programs that provide youth and their adult leaders the opportunity to participate in a range of outdoor adventure activities that promote essential outdoor skills like planning a trip, meal preparation and outdoor cooking, fire making, river crossing, backcountry travel and leave no trace principles.  These outdoor skills in a backcountry environment transfer to essential life and inter-personal skills like self reliance, self confidence, tolerence and inclusivness, communication, listening, problem solving and leadership that will serve for a lifetime.

Ouachita National Forest Five Day High Adventure Backpacking Trip 2013
Ouachita National Forest Five Day High Adventure Backpacking Trip 2013


The complexity of everyday-life is peeled back to the basics of food, water, shelter, and companionship. When this happens persona’s are stripped down and individuals suddenly find themselves on equal footing with all members of the group. It is due to this over simplification that groups begin to communicate and share ideas on a deeper level.

Backcountry travel presents real challenges, which must be met as a group through the united strengths of all participants. One cannot do it alone.  This is where the fast pace of society is replaced with hands-on experiential learning, allowing true leadership and teambuilding to be developed.


One of the best benefits of our program is that people begin to discover a sense of inner selves for the first time on our trips.  This self reflection leads to a strengthening of character and personal growth that fosters the development of heart and spirit within each participant.

In a world filled with electronic media, video games, and rigid structured schedules, the wilderness is one of the only places that can provide the experiences that facilitate the life skills necessary to develop the whole person, while also providing the adventure and challenges that everyone seeks.